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Pragmatic Fallacy - FT#149

In the one hundred and forty ninth episode we explore the Pragmatic Fallacy, starting with Trump claiming hydroxychloroquine, stop-and-frisk, and torture all work.

In Mark's British Politics Corner we look at Lord Murray of Blidworth and Jacob Rees-Mogg's opinions on Rwanda.

In the Fallacy in the Wild section, we check out examples from The Life & Times of Tim, King of the Hill, and Mork & Mindy.

Jim and Mark go head to head in Fake News, the game in which Mark has to guess which one of three Trump quotes Jim made up.

Then we talk about the latest progress in Trump's first criminal trial.

And finally, we round up some of the other crazy Trump stories from the past week.

The full show notes for this episode can be found at https://fallacioustrump.com/ft149 

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Description by Fallacious Trump

Jim and Mark use the insane ramblings of a tiny-handed narcissist to explain logical fallacies. Each episode we focus on a single logical fallacy and, using examples from Trump, UK politics and pop culture, explore how and why it fools people, how to avoid committing it yourself, and how to counter it in an argument.

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