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Into America

This is a show about politics, about policy, and the power both have over the lives of the American people. It sheds light on the candidates and the president they are running to unseat. It connects the dots between policies and voters across the political spectrum. Hosted by Trymaine Lee. Featuring the journalists of NBC News. This is how America sounds. This is Into America.

In a follow up to the series Uncounted Millions: the Power of Reparations - which chronicled the remarkable story of Gabriel Coakley, one of the only Black Americans to ever receive reparations for slavery – Trymaine Lee hosted a live discussion and debate on the future of reparations for Black Americans at the 92nd Street Y on May 29th, 2024. Trymaine was joined onstage by Pulitzer-prize winning journalist and creator of the 1619 Project, Nikole Hannah-Jones, and author and columnist at thegrio.com, Michael Harriot. The conversation ranged from the case for reparations today...what might be owed and who should qualify...and what might it take for legislation to finally break through. 

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