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The Dr. Joe Galati Podcast ∙ Tuesday May 19, 2020 ∙ duration: 44:46

Fox News Janice Dean and Multiple Sclerosis

This podcast, kicking off Season 3, is dedicated (mostly) to a disease dreaded by all: Multiple Sclerosis. On the podcast we have an expert in MS, Dr. Julia Jones, a neurologist at Houston Methodist Hospital. She explains the general risks for developing MS, as well as the presenting symptoms, initial diagnostic tests, and possible treatment options.

Later on Janice Dean, Fox News Channel Chief Meteorologist, who has been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, comes on to share her own MS journey. Her book, Mostly Sunny - How I learned to Keep Smiling Through the Rainiest Days not only outlines her MS, but also is a personal story about the many challenges she has faced throughout her life. It is an inspirational read for everyone. Pick it up today!


Dr. Joe Galati episode overview: 00:46-06:00

Update on COVID- 19: 11:00-13:44

Dr. Julia Jones/Multiple Sclerosis: 14:00-24:34

Janice Dean Part 1: 24:44-36:40

Janice Dean Part 2: 36:45-44:05

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A native of Long Island, New York, Dr. Joe Galati was raised in a family where good nutrition and family were ways of life. Today, his practice, Liver Specialists of Texas and the Metabolic Liver Center (Fatty Liver Disease Clinic), is devoted to the care of patients with all facets of liver diseases, obesity, fatty liver, and related disorders. Based in Houston, Texas, Dr.Galati is an expert “physician-communicator”, and brings his listeners the information they need to to get on a healthy path to wellness, understand what’s needed to remain healthy, with a solid foundation of food and nutrition. Each week he is joined by experts from around the world to shed light on these important topics to keep America healthy. Since 2003, Dr. Galati has created consumer-oriented radio programming on health and wellness, producing and hosting “Your Health First,” a one-hour radio program each weekend, heard on iHeart Radio’s 740 am KTRH. When he’s not practicing medicine, Dr. Galati is an avid photographer and is a member of Entrepreneur’s Organization, supporting entrepreneurs in all corners of the world.

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