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Dads that Cook

In this episode, we introduce you to Michael Varieur. He is a father of three young children and takes cooking for his family quite seriously. Mike is a tinkerer in the kitchen, experimenting with new techniques always trying to figure out a new and better way to prepare food. 

While he admits that he is not perfect in the meals he prepares, meaning that some of them are not the most nutritious, he is Willing to experiment and strive to make a better meal from scratch. 

I highlight my Mike because from my vantage point in the clinic, listening to patients with chronic disease all day long, the vast majority of them do not feel very comfortable cooking and experimenting in the kitchen. There is a certain level of dependency on processed foods, drive through, and lackluster meals made at home. There isn't much excitement these days in the kitchen or around the kitchen table. 

This situation needs to change if we are going to rescue the health and wellness of our children and combat the chronic disease that millions upon millions of Americans face.

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