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SHE with Jordan Lee Dooley

A personal development podcast for the everyday woman (like you!)

Are you tired of feeling tired?

Whether spiritually, emotionally, or mentally, constantly fighting fatigue or exhaustion can be overwhelming.  

Maybe you're trying to juggle a million things and your calendar is full.  

Maybe you feel like you're carrying a mental weight because there's a list of things you "should" be doing and keeping up with.

Or maybe you're trying to show up and serve everyone else, but you've burned yourself out.

In this episode, Jordan talks with author Jess Connolly about how to create sustainable rest when you're feeling overwhelmed and tired.

Tune in to learn:

  • Why almost every woman feels tired
  • Different types of exhaustion and how to figure out why you're feeling tired
  • How to process your emotions when you're feeling emotionally overwhelmed
  • What spiritual exhaustion looks like
  • How to create sustainable rest without compromising your responsibilities
  • The importance of resting BEFORE you work

Want to dig deeper into this topic? Check out these resources mentioned in the episode:


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