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Transform your Mind, to Transform Your Life. Myrna Young, Life Coach, interviews experts and thought Leaders every week and offers solo coaching sessions, to Transform your Mind so you can Transform your Life. The bible teaches that we must be transformed by the renewing of our mind. Each success or failure begins in the mind. The Transform your Mind podcast helps you renovate your mind and increase your capacity for success. So tune each week in to strengthen your mind, body connection and Live your best life now!

Alison Carmen is an author, podcaster, business consultant, and currently the Chief Financial Officer and General Counsel of the Motherhood Center of New York. She has written notable books such as The Gift of Maybe: Offering Hope and Possibility in Uncertain Times and A Year Without Men: A Twelve-Point Guide to Inspire and Empower Women. Alison is also the host of the highly rated podcast Ten Minutes to Less Suffering.  For more information, visit allisoncarmen.com.

Episode Summary:

Alison shares her journey from being a lawyer plagued with anxiety to discovering the power of 'maybe' and how this simple yet profound mindset shift transformed her life and career.

Throughout the discussion, Myrna and Alison explore how the fear of uncertainty limits people and how reframing one’s mindset can lead to a life filled with endless potential. They also touch upon the significant pressure women face to conform to societal norms and the liberating aspects of questioning and challenging these expectations through the lens of 'maybe'. 

What You Will Learn:

  • Embrace Uncertainty: The concept of 'maybe' helps individuals view uncertainty as a space for potential and growth rather than fear.
  • Live Authentically: Focusing on inner safety and self-trust can lead to more fulfilling and authentic life experiences.
  • Questioning Certainty: Challenging the societal norms around certainty, especially for women, can lead to more independent and creative life choices.
  • Possibility in Crisis: Even amidst crises, such as job loss or personal upheavals, maintaining a 'maybe' mindset can open up new opportunities.
  • Tools for Resilience: Simple practices like keeping 'maybe' cards or journaling can help manage daily stress and foster a positive mindset.

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