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A retired spy’s leadership guide to understanding people

Ever wondered how a spy hones the skill to read people with precision? Our guest this week shares his riveting journey from the military to mastering human intelligence. Retired spy and a three-time award-winning speaker, JJ Brun's story is not just about espionage; it's a masterclass in understanding human dynamics that every leader can learn from. JJ's expertise in the DiSC®  model offers a fascinating lens to decode how people think and act. His insights into behavioural traits and communication styles are invaluable for anyone looking to navigate the complex world of leadership and personal development. JJ even puts your host under the microscope, assessing my behavioural traits using the DISC model. As a DiSC practitioner myself, it was an enlightening experience! 


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Key Moments 

Planet Human: I’ve been watching Netflix show 3 Body Problem which sent me down a rabbit hole about the Fermi paradox. It is the identification that there is a high likelihood of existence of life somewhere out there in the universe. Fascinating stuff! 

Planet Zoë: If you are in Canberra on 30 May consider coming along to my in-person book launch for Olympus Bound. It’s going to be a fun celebration at the Shine Dome - it’s free to attend, details and registration here

JJ Brun's Journey to Becoming a Spy (00:05:43) JJ Brun shares his unexpected path to becoming a spy and his experiences in the military.

Spy School Experience in the UK (00:09:50) JJ Brun recounts his surreal and challenging experience at a spy school in the UK.

Understanding Self and Personal Traits (00:17:01) JJ Brun discusses his self-discovery and understanding of his traits in relation to his career as a spy.

Sharing Knowledge and Mission (00:20:45) JJ Brun emphasises the importance of self-awareness and sharing knowledge for personal and professional growth.

Decoding Human Capital (00:21:52) Discussion on decoding human capital, understanding pace and priority perspectives, and identifying leadership styles.

Understanding Leadership Styles (00:24:02) Explanation of the four leadership styles and how leaders adapt their style to the environment for effective leadership.

Personality Insights and Archetypes (00:27:13) Exploration of personality insights, style blends, and how hobbies can provide clues to preferred communication style. Brief mention of archetypes.

Spying and Intelligence Work (00:32:31) Insights into the life of an intelligence officer, including building rapport, understanding and discerning human behaviour, and experiences in the field.

Building Relationships in Espionage (00:39:42) A detailed case study of building a relationship with a challenging individual, using communication styles to navigate interactions, and learning to ask quality questions.

Feel Good Icebreaking Questions (00:42:47) JJ Brun discusses the importance of memorising effective icebreaking questions and shares his mentor's influence.

Personal Branding (00:43:40) JJ Brun explains how he branded himself as a retired spy and the importance of brand identity.

Spy Museum Experience (00:46:20) JJ Brun shares his experience at a spy museum and the branding ideas he gained from it.

Challenge Coin Business Card (00:47:33) JJ Brun discusses his unique business card and its military background.

Fast Five Q&A (00:48:39) Zoë Routh asks JJ Brun five rapid-fire questions on future technology, leadership, workplace problems, leaders, and favourite leadership book or podcast.

Misconceptions About Spying (00:51:37) JJ Brun addresses misconceptions about spying and emphasises the difference between reality and Hollywood portrayals.

Balancing Archetypes (00:54:51) Zoë Routh discusses the importance of balancing archetypes for leadership and team growth.

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Weekly leadership insights and interviews with CEOs, Senior Execs, Experts and Leaders in teams and culture where we ask 'what if?' to explore the future of leadership. “Thoughtful, well researched, heart felt, professional and brimming with passion and enthusiasm. Zoë Routh - you are AS GOOD (maybe better) as some of the other big names on our podcast list including Tim Ferris and Peter Diamandis.” ~ Kate Billing, Co-Founder at Blacksmith
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